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Dealerships: Building the customer experience

Building a positive customer experience is no simple thing. Chances are that every dealership is already working toward it. Opti-Tread® was tailor made to help dealerships build up the customer experience. The improved experience increases customer retention and long term revenue through increased sales of tires, alignments and underbody work.

Opti-Tread® tire and underbody systems analysis Opti-Tread® Tire Audit Report

Opti-Tread® plays 3 important roles in achieving this goal.

1. Increase the professionalism of your service writers.

The Audit Report is an independent, third party source which allows them to prove to the customer that recommendation they make are important and authentic. The high tech tools and speed with which the inspection is performed helps the customer see the quality and professionalism of the dealership as a whole.

2. Increase revenue in the service department.

Opti-Tread® helps customers understand the state of their tires and their relation to alignment and underbody systems. This builds trust between the customer and the business. Many customers delay purchase decisions looking for a second opinion or preferring another shop. With Opti-Tread® customers feel confident about authorizing work and purchases immediately.

3. Motivate lube and oil technicians to contribute to your sales efforts.

Dealerships find the lube and oil bays are a great place to inspect tires and start the upsell process. Opti-Tread will point out hidden problems people miss.  The tech, if spiffed a small amount, will happily bring these to the attention of the Service Writer as they hand back the RO when the service is complete.  Use Opti-Tread to train them to do this, further increasing revenue streams over time.  Nothing improves car handling like proper alignment.  Your techs will end up better compensated, your customers will be happier, and your revenue will increase.

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