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Squarerigger Software also markets SQ.7, a leading Fleet Maintenance Management System (FMMS)

SQ.7 Fleet Maintenance

SQ.7 Fleet Maintenance Software

SQ.7 is a Microsoft© Windows based software program designed for fleets of all sizes. It gives you the power to more accurately analyze and report critical information about vehicles, equipment, staff and operations - so you can keep costs under control and keep your organization running smoothly.

SQ.7 provides a wide range of recording and reporting options, so you can track data by vehicle, by day, by hour - however it's best for your organization. SQ.7 adapts to you, not the other way around. If you are wasting time and money using a manual fleet record keeping system or simply want more advanced features from your software, SQ.7 is the right tool for the job.

SQ.7 isn't just about making record keeping simple, it's also about improving the accuracy of your information.

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Squarerigger Software also markets Revolution® TMS, recognized as a world leader in tire tracking systems.

Revolution® TMS Tire Tracking

Make tire management simpler and more efficient. Minimize labor. Automate where appropriate. Use paper where appropriate. Grow smoothly and easily into a leaner, smarter operation.

Learn how easy it can be to know where your tires are, how they are performing and costing when using the Revolution® Inspector automated system. See which tires need to be rotated, recapped, or replaced before your trucks roll into the service bay. Know which tires have gone out for recap, which came back, and which ones are somewhere in limbo.

Revolution® delivers benefits to any size fleet in an affordable package.

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Revolution Tire Tracking System