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Auto Service Centers: Make Empty Bays, Busy Bays

Decision Time

Your shop is in trouble. You have used traditional methods like newspaper ads, radio spots and promotional events. You beat the drums, you blow the trumpets but you just don't have the numbers. Now the marketing is a sunk cost and doing more doesn't look to bring it back. Maybe you're even thinking of unloading the place. Whatever you have done, there is one decision you can make that will not break the bank and has a track record of building business.

Simpler may be the key

You need to dramatically improve the initial customer experience. To do that we've designed a system that's tailor made to grab your customer's attention and show him why YOU are their guy.

Opti-Tread® Diagnostic Tool for Tire Tread Depth and Vehicle Safety

Use Opti-Tread® to consistently perform a fast, simple (and cheap) first step in building to a sale. Spend a few pennies in labor and immediately turn one quarter of your walk-aways into sales.

"Turn a walk-away into a sale." That was easily said, but if you want to build your shop revenue, you have to get it done. One additional sale each day is what you need. Two would rock your numbers. Opti-Tread® has brought in as many as 4 additional sales in a morning, but don't bank on that in your slower shops. Set your goal at one additional sale per day and work toward it.

If you change your customer's experience at the start using Opti-Tread®, you build a simple bond with the customer. It will transform some portion of your walk-aways into sales without even trying. It does reveal problems your staff missed, and increases the size of the sale. It does sell higher-margin services instead of just another set of tires.

Opti-Tread® Turn empty bays into busy bays.

Here is how

When you take the vehicle mileage, take one-minute and do a walk around tire inspection using the Opti-Tread® system. As you walk back to the service counter the Tire Audit ReportOpti-Tread® Tire Audit Report is already printing out automatically. Do this right at the beginning, before you even think about the 35 point inspection.

Opti-Tread® give your customers the confidence they need to make decisions now.

When you hand your customer the non-biased, computer generated Tire Audit ReportOpti-Tread® Tire Audit Report stay quiet. Let the report speak for itself. The customer may stare at it for a few seconds but unlike the check-box-filled 35 point inspection, with Opti-Tread® they will understand the condition of their tires and see that something needs to be done. At this point they have bought into the fact that there is a problem and they will ask you to explain. Now, when you point out the importance of looking into the cause of the problem or performing corrective services, they see exactly why and can confirm the need for themselves. This cost you a few pennies. It bought you a customer.

This simple tool and a little customer service, helps you turn empty bays into busy bays on an inexpensive, gradual basis. Build repeat sales. Become their ally not their adversary.

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