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Tire Stores: Achieve Higher Closing Rates

Does this sound familiar?

Your experienced Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have seen a million tires in their careers. You would think that allows them to spot everything that's going on with your customer's tires. In the real world…maybe yes, maybe no. People tend not to see what they have seen a million times.

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Here's one recent real world example.

Opti-Tread® was installed in the store. The store has a well-paid, experienced, high quality staff. In the first few days Opti-Tread® revealed tread wear patterns the staff had previously missed. That's right… missed. Patterns that disclosed, besides tire wear, the opportunity for additional, high margin services.

Result: The store increased its closing rates and took the money that would have otherwise been left on the table and put it in the bank. Management quickly decided to equip each of their lube and oil bays and CSRs with Opti-Tread®

Another example.

Led by a high quality, highly trained staff, the owner called us in amazement. Within the very first week Opti-Tread® "revealed things my staff would never have noticed".

Result: Highly satisfied customers and a very satisfied owner. Due to higher revenue and higher closing rates the owner plans to provide one Opti-Tread® to each of his CSRs in each of his stores.

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